The god species book

Later in the book he gives an excellent refutation of this in the example of. Lynass purpose in this book is to explain and popularise this concept. In this groundbreaking new book, mark lynas shows us how we must use our technological. So a book whose main title is sapiens shouldnt be subtitled a brief history of humankind.

Search the worlds most comprehensive index of fulltext books. While i plan to discuss it here once i get it on my kindle, it might be fun to briefly note a couple of thoughts going through my head when reading just that title. It argues that since the earth has entered an age where several. The book will certainly not please all the greens all the time, but, in my view, lynas gets it just about right. We humans are the god species, both the creators and destroyers of life. The god species 1, published july 1, 2011 i am looking forward to the release of mark lynas newest book the god species that is scheduled in a couple of days.

Saving the planet in the age of humans alternatively, the god species. Like lynas, in the past ive been antigmo, antinuke and so on. Scientific american i believe it would behoove anyone who has an opinion about the future of our planet to read the god species. The god species may very well show us a path to a more sustainable way of life. The god species by mark lynas, 9780007375226, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. Michael tellinger, in his book slave species, presents the idea that humans were created by gods with one sole purpose, to serve them. At first consideration, the idea sounds absurd, but the evidence provided by tellinger is quite compelling.

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