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Traditionally, they are used to hold open a book or document for handsfree viewing. Levo provides a wide selection of handsfree accessories for your favorite books, including portable stands, page holders, and led lighting. Tablet stands, phone stands, and accessories for tablets. Levo g2 book holder floor stand offers six unique movements to perfectly place the book in the most comfortable, ergonomic reading position. Twisting the neck in order to read books that are laying on the desk can be avoided by using a book holder. The black cab has always been synonymous with the city of london. It makes handsfree reading effortless whether youre sitting, standing, or lying down. This music stand holder is handmade forged and welded. Itd seem that holding a book wide open might damage the bindings. Because the workez textbook holder rests over your lap, it lets you cross your legs, stretch out, and move around freely without upsetting. If you have a technical problem with your bike, please speak to your retailer as soon as possible. Document holders copy holders allow you painless viewing of the document you are working with. The easytouse telescopic pole can adjust up to 140cm 48.

Levo g2 book holder floor stand ergonomic supports. Ipad, tablets, bookholder, levo, stands for tablets and books. Like having an extra hand while reading, this durable holder can be adjusted for almost any book depth or viewing angle necessary. The newly designed levo g2 book holder stand is a completely adjustable floor stand with multiple unique movements that provide for a comfortable, ergonomic reading position. Compact multi use book holder table top, desks, or. Featuring a flexible goose neck that allows the light to be positioned at any angle, and a spring loaded clip that allows the light to attach to most any surface, the. Our levo book holder can hold books weighing up to 4 lbs, including hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks and more. Buy levo g2 essential tablet floor stand for all best tablet pcs, ipads, ipad mini. The atlas ultra book holder is an innovative and convenient independent living aid designed to securely hold open texts and papers for easy studying, copywriting, transcribing or researching. Today hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed the enhanced quality of life provided by levo book and tablet holders. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search.

Levo g2 book holder floor stand book holders and page turners. Reviewed in the united kingdom on 28 november 2018. From 4 pound novels to lightweight paperbacks, the revolutionary design and sturdy construction of the levo book holder can hold it all. Levo s strong aluminum construction keeps your device steady while you search, stay in touch or answer emails. I came across the lecco book holder and im so glad i did as it was and is the perfect thing for him, he loves it, its so neat and tidy also when not using it id recommend this to anyone. For individuals who love to read books and suffer from painful arthritis, the levo g2 book holder stand is the perfect solution for an elevated. Levo g2 deluxe floor stand for tablets and ereaders youtube. Travel book holder easy book clip use anywhere one. It is a wellknown fact, when you are comfortable reading, you will read longer. Surf the web with your ipad or read your ebook in extreme comfort. Placing the holder either inline with the monitor or right beside the monitor can greatly reduce neck stress. With more reading and viewing being accessed by electronic means, book stands and holders can be used to support media, such as smartphones and tablets, for easy listening and viewing. It comes with air vented cavities which are essential to ensure that your laptop or notebook does not overheat. The best part is after you return the bike safely, youll automatically be issued a voucher for the same amount of the hire to spend on our webshop.

The book holder is capable of holding some weighty books nicely and the tablet holder also feels secure the book holder holds the book by its cover, and keeps the pages open by its arms works well for magazines as well as many sizes of books also supports the levo led light room for improvement. The levo book holder floor stand is designed to safely and securely hold books without causing damage. Levo floor stand for books, levo floor stands for tablets, ipad. Founded in 1971, kettering surgical appliances ltd is the leading source for medical and surgical products in the uk. The levo g2 deluxe ebook holder stand makes browsing the web and reading more comfortable for people who usually experience discomfort when holding tablets or ebooks. Bookholders richmond 720 w grace st, richmond, virginia 23220 rated 2. Most of my textbooks this semester are large but softcover. Institute of physics iop ppv islam and civilisational renewal icr jurnal elektronik teks penuh jetp journal citation reports guide journal of mammalogy. An adjustable book holder has this in mind behind its design, to make reading a more comfortable and pleasurable experience every time you read. We have built the black cab into a global icon and secured its future to our vision of seeing it on the streets of every major city around the world. The levo book holder stand is completely adjustable for your reading comfort. Though other products specifically designed for such might be better, this one from levo is good enough for home use.

The book board securely holds your book and rotates 360 degrees. On receipt of your order, your lights will be handbuilt and delivered by courier. The allnew levo g2 hands free bookholder reading book stand is a breakthrough in reading comfort. Levo automates the traditional method of oil infusion thats usually messy and tedious, so that more of us can enjoy homemade wellness products and culinary creations. Now anyone can enjoy reading handsfree with this innovative book stand. Cheap prices and local service will make the only place to buy, rent and sell your textbooks. This item the lecco book holder was for my step dad,who does a lot of reading he couldnt find anything that was suitable for what he needed. The bookgem book holder is made to be sturdy and firm without cheap plastic or flimsy wire that wont hold up to regular use. The levo desk book holder easily clamps to a desk or table and places your reading material in the most ergonomically correct height and angle to your line of vision for your reading comfort. Levo deluxe book holder levo store uk levo store uk.

We customfit each chair to its user, and we are committed to providing both the dependability. A carved, vintage book stand perfect for your favorite sacred text. Overall, this thing doesnt give me a lot of confidence concerning sturdiness and longevity, but its perfect for my immediate needs. Levostore australia ipad, tablets, bookholder, levo, stands. When you are ready to get down to your serious reading, you are ready for a book holder stand from levengers online catalog. High quality book holder read in more comfort with the levo deluxe book stand. Lecco book holder floor stand hands free comfortable. The levo g2 book holder floor stand is designed to safely and securely hold books without causing damage. Throughout the years it is maintaining its quality and services. No matter what you read, holding a book or magazine for extended lengths of time can tire out your arms and cause you to crane your neck looking down at the book the levo grabs your book firmly in seconds and extends over your furniture, allowing you to read handsfree in complete comfort this model is the top of the range and is used across the world by those who want to get the most from. Book holder for reading in bed, textbook book holder, large. Users can comfortably use ipads, galaxies, nooks, kindle fires, and more for long periods of time with this ebook stand. A telescoping stand allows caregivers to adjust the device to the appropriate height, depending on the readers seated height and incline. Etsy has thousands of handcrafted and vintage products that perfectly fit what youre searching for.

Be part of the revolution, as the black cab evolves to provide a cleaner, greener city for us all. Provide extra leverage and grip for individuals with arthritis. Adaptive reading aids for people with disabilities. Levo tablet stands, book holders, portable chargers, and more are now distributed throughout the us, canada, puerto rico, and the uk. We designed the levo book holder to eliminate tired arms, kinked necks, and sore hands. It holds any size textbook and study sheets upright at a comfortable level similar to the angle of your computer screen helping maximize your focus. Plus, its base is thinner, and can easily slide under the furniture with tight spaces. Since then, people all over the world have praised them for significantly improving their quality of life. When used as a book holder for reading in bed, workez elevates reading materials off your lap and holds them in a stable position. Levo is the best brand, and its product is famous across the usa. The measurement of book holder is about 32cmheight x 40cmwidthx 7cm depth. Help yourself avoid unnecessary neckshoulderarm pain by using the proper ergonomic tools. The standard atlas is a real work horsethe document holder of choice for all around versatility and unparalleled strength.

Youll receive a confirmation in your inbox, and well do our best to respond within two working days. Discover all the extraordinary items our community of craftspeople have to offer and find the perfect gift for your loved one or yourself. Bookends book holders, book stoppers designed for octavo 6 x 9. Levo floor stands use an adjustable arm to hold your books. A modern book holder for all of your books easy book clip is a powerful book stand. Sign up for a free 30 day trial to instantly access highquality online books for kids, ebooks, audio books, quizzes, videos, and more. The book can be angled in many ways to give the reader the most comfortable view. Oil infusion, reimagined levo oil infusion, reimagined. The ride giant ebike hire scheme is the best way, with a wide range of models available to hire from over 90 locations around the uk. Thinking gifts design award winning book accessories and novelty stationery including the iconic bookchair, the holdit and the notester. Book holder quality and durability made of durable highquality spring steel wire. Lecco book holder floor stand hands free comfortable reading.

Book holders special needs computers, workplace ergonomics. Welcome to the digital home of levc the london ev company. The book holder stand from patterson medical is a unique assistive device that enables individuals with compromised arm strength or challenged postural support to read books with ease and relaxation. The levo g2 is a book holder, paperback holder and textbook holder, with a sturdy base that offers a long, adjustable reach, and keeps your book safely in place. Plus, make instagram photo books, facebook photo books, prints, and cards. This allows you to pull the book or the tablet closer to you.

You have a great chance yet to buy this standard ipad pro stand. Our customers rave over the levo book holder and our return rate is virtually nonexistent. For uk mainland orders, a specific delivery date can be chosen at checkout. Book holder adjusts to allow handsfree reading in a bed, recliner, or standing virtually any where, in any position. It is the only book holder for desks that can hold a 5 pound book completely upsidedown. Levo hands free book stand for hard covers, paperbacks, cookbooks, textbooks, magazines. Tuck it away or set it for some bright red reading time. The levo book holder is an adjustable book holder stand that enables you to read completely hands free, allowing you to read in the most comfortable ergonomic position. Retired are the days of aching arms and occupied hands while you read your favorite novellet your book holder stand free you up to really enjoy it. Package of 2 replacement pegs keep reading materials in position. You might like to add the levo clipon led light, or our ebook and tablet platform kit. The levo g2 book holder floor stand allows users to read without having to hold the book in their hands. This black surface item features a panel attached to a flexible extended arm which is attached to an adjustable column. With the levo book holder stand, you can enjoy reading handsfree with perfect posture while sitting or reclining.

Books by language additional collections indic manuscripts. Read more at my lecco book and ereader holder floor stand. Levo deluxe book stand official european distributor. Note the lower shelf adjustment slots on the upright part of the document holder. Levo g2 deluxe tablet stand official european distributor. Book holder stand this book holder stand enables individuals with limited upper extremity function to read handsfree and without neck strain while sitting, standing or lying supine. Our new levo portable g2 book holder floor stand levo. Levo book holders float books in front of your line of vision while you sit, recline, or lay. We are the leading global manufacturer and retailer of purposebuilt commercial electric vehicles. The book holder had broken away from the tubular support arm, leaving ragged metal edges on both sections of tubing.

Our new levo g2 book holder floor stand is a flexible and portable new way to enjoy your books both indoors, outdoors. Drive their interest with allnew models for fans of cars, lorries and other vehicles. Bring that convenience home with the source one treadmill book holder, available in various sizes. Since then, people all over the world have praised us for significantly improving their quality of life. From manufacturing its first book holder to producing quality tablet stands, portable chargers and much more. Our new levo book holder floor stand is a flexible and portable new way to enjoy your books both indoors, outdoors. I read a lot of new library books and dont want to break the bindings.

Add this levo book platform kit to your levo g2 tablet stand to hold books, magazines, textbooks. Add an ebook and ipad adapter to it, and youll get the most out of your electronic devices. The weight and manoeuvrability of the book rest needs to be considered as the book rest may need to be moved out of the way when you stand up and put back in place when you are seated. Reviewed in the united kingdom on 21 february 2018. Levo has become a pioneer in its journey of just less than 20 years. Online access for springer ebooks collection in scientific, technical and medical subject for year 2005, 2006 and 2007 english title only. The book holder is sturdy and i expect many years of use.

It holds virtually any textbook wide open, freeing hands for writing, typing or eating. Bed book holder book holders, aging in place, portable bed. Still manufactured with swiss precision, today levo distributes the most complete line of standing wheelchairs to 32 countries. The holdit is the ideal book holder for disabled people gifts for book lovers. Featured movies all video latest this just in prelinger archives democracy now. Wheelchair holder for tablet computers, ereaders, ipads. Is the book holder gentle on books, especially thick books. Levo hands free book stand for hard covers, paperbacks. Swedish designer brand and the worlds leading provider of intimate lifestyle products, highquality pleasure objects and luxurious massage candles and oils. Many techniques for driving efficiently apply regardless of the vehicle, but there are also some ways to adapt your.

Found in most back care stores and higher end gadget stores, the levo book holder is the only book holder on the market that can hold a 5 lb book completely upsidedown. The hold it, bookholder, book holder, rest, bookrest. Other portable book holders are narrower and dont provide any support for over sized soft covers. The panel has straps for holding a book, allowing the user to recline in a chair. It can be adjusted to your personal preferences, and it works well for reading in bed. Adjustable book holders adjustable book holder, bookstands. With its optional book platform levo can hold your favorite books. The book holder stand is designed to work easily with a wheelchair or alongside a bed or chair. Our patented design allows our levo book holder to extend from either the right, or left side of your furniture. Great for elderly relatives who cant hold a book or tablet while reading, for more ablebodied for handsfree reading while exercising.

Auto suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. I came across the lecco book holder and im so glad i did as it was and is the perfect thing for him,he loves it,its so neat and tidy also when not using it id recommend this to anyone. Find great deals on ebay for book holder and book stand. Buy, rent and sell used books and college textbooks. Made from linseed oil stained and waxed pine wood in dark grey color and industrial pipe fittings. No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. The holdit is the ideal book holder for disabled people.

The levo products are distributed throughout canada, us, puerto rico and the uk. Its quick and simple to adjust, and no tools are required. Full text of an elementary course of natural and experimental philosophy. The leading digital library for kids offering unlimited access to 40,000 of the best childrens books of all time. Or even for specialized levo g2 book tablet holder and floor stand forums. Although the levo deluxe ipad floor stand is not designed as a music stand, it is found to be working fine with such use. The levo bookholder light is a highquality multipurpose light accessory to the levo book holder and levo desk book holder that can be used in an almost limitless amount of ways.

The workez textbook holder rests over your lap on the surface of the bed. Holds books or magazines at a comfortable reading angle. The adjustable highth is about minimum 110cm maximum 145cm. Helps provide easy key turning for people with arthritis. Brighten your day with a red painted collapsible holder. This stand can hold a fourpound book, if your book is larger than this you can add weight to the base to provide sufficient counter balance. The entire item moves on a square base and four casters. From salves and soap to smoothie bowls and salad dressing, using levo is as easy as making coffee or tea. It allows you to read in ultimate comfort from virtually any location. This item the lecco book holder was for my step dad, who does a lot of reading he couldnt find anything that was suitable for what he needed. Completely adjustable floor stand improves comfort for reading books. It means, you do not have to separately buy the book holder platform like levo g2.

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